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Ebay rates this company as "five star item as described". How could they if they show almost 140 complaints in a single year?

I advise people to stay away from this company. They are thieves!! I bought the above described watch and it came home defective being the second hand totally out of place and flying loose inside the face, besides the automatic mechanism was completely stopped; it didn't move at all. The transparent seal in the back cover looked as if it had been removed before and placed back on.

In my humble opinion this watch is a fake. I sent it back to the Jomashop and to expectations, they haven't said a word about my refund. I don't another watch from these people and I would not recommend my friends to buy from. I made a terrible mistake by dealing with these thieves just because they advertise cheaper prices.

What they're doing is stealing the money from the consumers. I placed a formal complaint on BBB and the case is still pending.

Open your eyes guys out there, don't go by their low prices on watches because at the end they're gonna rob your money. Take my word for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Seiko Recraft Watch.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $151.

Jomashop Cons: Worst experience doing business with jomashop.

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Inez P

Thank you for sharing your experience. Your post was very helpful.Please DISREGARD the embarrassingly crude comments and bashing from persons who are most likely employees of Jomashop.


Ha LOL you need to do the math better LOL

140 complaints over the year is fabulous if you compare their size, LOLOOL Ebay Amazon and other sites work off the percentages, but the even bigger and critical mistake you made is that is is 140 for lifetime !!!

You do not post ANY proof of what you say about the watch, claiming, complain, crying kicking and yelling oh and "formally" posting a review on a website or even a few, does NOT make your issue real and your review makes you look like a fool.

for those who have been fooled, the BBB is only a reviews platform and nothing "formal" about them, they simply mediate reviews and have absolutely no leverage but an A+ rating to lose or gain, waste of a review as most are not even publicly available and worse part is , you buy the A+ and they have been indicted for that and on the news, but the truth is not interesting, reading overdramatic reviews are.

i feel sorry for you as you, are delusional.


You probably work for this company, same issues with me defective watches. Either they are fake or damage do not buy from this website


LOL if I did that would be nice LOL

Anger is an illness and it seems to have taken the better side of your judgment , i feel sorry for you.

Even if i did work there, you are still angry and confused, my comments are mathematically, do the math instead of foolishly deflecting logic with emotional outbursts.

I wrote the truth you do not want to read or write , i buy there and have the same experience as any other

Jomashop is OK and if you expect perfection you are on the wrong planet! you need to find another planet that might have the perfection you look for, i will stay here where humans are imperfect.


How about proving what you claim is fake ! no one likes a cry wolf!!

you can say just about anything but to prove it make what you said true, until then it is false !!

post it here , i want to see a letter from the manufacturer stating it was not made by them !! take responsibility for what you say !!


Inez P

So true, so true.Thank you for your post.I do not believe it is a coincidence that the SAME people repeatedly bash persons posting legitimate claims against Jomashop.Their crude elementary style is unmistakable.

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