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Have purchased many timepieces from JomaShop and have NEVER had to talk to them or deal with them for any issue until now. I have spent over $10K with them from an Omega to Tags, etc....

and purchased a Baume Clock for a gift and it was like pulling teeth. The order said delivered, but I had no clock. Spoke to a rep named Faith and she put a trace and lost item on it. Was fine with that.

Well it turns out sent to wrong address cause label was incorrect. Nice neighbor brought it to me. Called back and got Faith again and she offered a $20 credit on that item and another $20 for another clock I was interested in buying. Ok, not really what I was expecting after almost 50 minutes of my time waiting to get through to them, but accepted.

Big mistake. New clock arrived, a Mont Blanc, and it was not working. To replace battery Mont Blanc wanted $50 for new Battery if that was ther poblem, JomaShop offered to replace only up to $20 or replace. Ask if they could send overnight as again this was a gift.

Yes, but on my dime! Stated to them I didn't send a broken clock. This Levie(?spelling?) was just, that's all I can do! Okay I'll return it and please credit me the $20 on my other purchase as I was promised.

NO! Really?! Look my account up Levie and for $20 bucks your going to let me go else where. Yep!

Those were his actual words! Ask for manager or supervisor. We don't have any. Ask him then how did Faith get the approval for the credit for both pieces?

Silence. Are you a liar Levie? Nope! Then answer the question, please.

Silence. Said he was going to send me an email with shipping label. It's been 5 days and no email. Called and got Faith and she back peddled for him.

They are great if you don't need to speak to them and all goes smoothly, but if you have a problem, my suggestion is return it and go else where.

Total time on wait and talking to their "customer service" was 1 hour and 23 minutes. Not worth it at any savings!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Jomashop Cons: Customer service.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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My personal experience with these kinds of discount shops in NY and in FL, always the same. Horrible customer service, very long waits to get to someone, very rude, and bluntly unhelpful, they all treat you as if you're from west bank.

Cheap mentality infested with greed. Don't by from NY, they're all jerks.

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