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Correction, I filed a complaint with the BBB, and after many communications the end result was considered "Unresolved". The credit card company also did what they could, but ultimately had to allow the transaction since Jomashop claimed the damaged item they sold me was not covered under their third party warranty.

Original review posted by user May 12, 2016

They sold me a watch that had a defective watch clasp, so I sent it back to be either refunded or repaired. The company was rude to me in e-mail communications just to even return the item saying that if the watch had been wore, they do not accept returns. The only way to know it was defective was to wear it.

So they sent it back to me saying they would not fix it, no info why. I filed a complaint with the BBB. They refused a refund and repair claiming that the watch clasp was not covered under their warranty. Even though THEY sent it to me defective, this was also the first time they even said that the watch clasp was "bent" (lie), and that's why they didn't accept the return or repair.

They sent me a defective item, and then lied to the BBB, and Discover Card saying it wasn't covered under their warranty. But again, they sold me a broken item, and then blame me for it and refuse anything!

Product or Service Mentioned: Citizen Watch Endeavor Watch.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $215.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Jomashop Cons: Lied and sold a defective item and refused a refund or fix.

Location: New York, New York

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How about reading me review before being a *** when you know very little about what happened.

They sold me a defective item and I contacted them as soon as I noticed the problem. They were very rude to me in e-mail communications to even return the item so they could look at it.

The BBB did NOT disagree with me, there was nothing more they could do and marked the case unresolved.

The credit card company did not disagree with me, they did what they could, but the company claimed the defective item was not covered under the warranty, when that was not the problem. They sold me a defective piece and refused any refund or repair claiming that I bent the clasp, which is a complete lie.

They didn't even say that was the reason until AFTER I filed a complaint with the BBB.

Next time try not being a troll on a page where people are filing their complaints against shady companies. It just makes you look like a rude ***.


Yes i had to research what "troll" means , i retired so some of these new terms are new to me. I thank you for that, this gives me thing to do.


Well I am a PROUD troll who just happened to come across this 'hate loving' reviewing platform about a year ago, once in a while i place an order with Jomashop and remember to review here when they send their follow ups and review raffles for some other sites.

I read the silly negatives and respond to them, not all, but indeed the colorful ones, those that make the reviewer like you, just look foolish and silly

If you cannot handle the public response DO NOT post a public review, that is just logical.

Your response to me enhances the lack of character, ignorance of the policies and now ignorance to what social media is about.

If RUDE **** is the best you can defend your review with it prove you're in the wrong, otherwise you would show me a fact or how they went against their policy and ten maybe call me foolish for not noticing, hmmm you did not! Obviously, I do not know the story nor did you write all about it i believe and it is foolish for you to believe i should have assumed anything but WHAT YOU WROTE alone !!! The bottom line without emotions attached; If your credit card tried to help but could not it is because the company did not do anything wrong! lying or altering YOUR story if by them or you, is not part of how legal issues work and a credit card charge back is nothing less than a legal issue and credit card companies cannot overturn a transaction that did not brake any law or policy!!

you cannot argue or place reviews that will deny this. But you can feel bad about it! About the BBB, they have no power they are just a reviewing site like any other and this one too, look them up and you will see they have been indicted themselves.

I wish you all the best and feel sorry for you as this new review world may be over my old timers head but you surely have less of a grasp of how it works and how it should be used. Leiv


WOW so your credit card and the BBB both disagreed with you !!! and still you believe they did something wrong.

Give us readers a brake !!! hate will get you nowhere read policies before you make yourself look like a fool online

Just because this website lives on haters does not mean you have to hate too

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