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i would rate this shop (shop as the synonym of SCAM) ZERO.

My overall summary of this review:

1. They sell defective watches

2. Customer Service doesn't know the meaning of an excellent customer experience

3. Their warranty is inconsistent and substandard

Nov 2014 I bought an expensive watch from their online store. After 8 hours of wearing the watch, it stops working. i called customer service to understand how their warranty works and i was consistently told the person answering the phone that the situation was my fault... not knowing how an automatic works (considering i have 4 automatic watches). Finally was able to convince them that this needs to be returned and fixed - and i wanted it fixed only because i really wanted that particular watch. This only happened after 4 different conversations with different customer reps. It took even more pain just to have it refunded since they can't fix it.

Along with the expensive watch, i also bought a cheap watch a few days after (before i got the first watch). When i tried to adjust the time on Dec 14, the crown along with the stem goes all the way out. Called customer service and was told that since 30 days has lapsed and this is the "exterior" part fo the watch, warranty doesn't cover it.

I've bought watches from different countries and have never experienced anything like this kind of product quality and customer service.

Do not buy from this store.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hello, I ordered three watches from jomoshop I received what I picked the watches in excellent quality never had an issues , the only thing that they don't update shipping status like when I log in my account does not show my orders , one watch took little longer to be shipped assuming may not in their stock so have to order it , I bought watches from other companies never had an issues.

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