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I purchased a Tissot watch from Jomashop at an incredible discount. Apparently they must be selling factory rejects.The watch they sent me did not work the battery was dead upon arrival.I immediately called them.

They told me to get the battery replaced by a jeweler , who in turn discovered that the watch was defective. I returned the watch and requested a refund which has been denied because they are claiming that I damaged the watch, which was not working when they sent it. This seems like well thought out a scam.

I am going to have to file a claim with consumer affairs. It has been one month since I returned the watch and I had to contact them to find out that they had made a decision not to refund my purchase!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tissot Watch.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Haledon, New Jersey

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LOL you clearly do not know anything about watches and how they are made LOL

Tissot is considered high end and NOT mass produced and that means THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a factory rejects !!!! even their lower end, they simply will not let anything like that leave their hands !!!

You might have an a claim about the denial but do not make a fool of yourself by shouting out thing you do not understand LOLOL

FYI - you write in anger and it is clear, i love reading reviews and writing them and you clearly write as one who does not deserve what they are asking for ...

just saying as your reviews looks just like any angry person who does not like to see things as they are !!

I wish you all the best still


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