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Purchased a new Baume et Mercier for my father as Christmas gift in Nov 2015. He put it in his drawer and took it out to wear it for a trip to Canada last week, he came back with the crown missing, there is no mark of damage or impact or anything that can justify the loss of the crown other then a manufacturing problem.

Called B&M for warranty coverage, they asked for filled warranty card. I called Jomashop for the card, they said they don't because they are not an authorized dealer and that they cover it under their own warranty, but since it is an exterior issue it is not covered.

As their warranty only covers internal part. What a scam, this seller will sell you black market items with no warranty claiming they are new.

Product or Service Mentioned: Baume And Mercier Watch.

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

Location: Santa Maria, California

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Just to clarify one point: They're not selling black market watches. They're selling grey market watches.

The price of the watch is just one (small) aspect of buying a watch from Jomashop.

Sure, you may save 30, 40, 50% initially, but if you have ANY warranty issues, Jomashop is NOT a company you're gonna want to deal with. Most of the positive reviews on the web are PURCHASING reviews (hey, people are happy they saved money). Once you move to customer service/warranty-related reviews, you see a similar pattern (they're nearly all negative).

One suggestion for anyone looking to purchase a luxury watch: Go talk to an authorized dealer and haggle with them. Works better if you already have a rapport (so start buying all your watches there...) You won't pay Jomashop prices, but you won't pay MSRP either.

However, you get peace of mind knowing IF you have an issue, the manufacturer has your back.

OH, and you can be certain the watch you receive will be genuine. Grey market watches are only as genuine as the watches Jomashop receives from THEIR sources (and NOT the manufacturer).

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