I buy here often, I love watches and love gifting them, I own A seamaster, an aquaracer and a few Movado and other brands. not all form them but most, I am never left unsatisfied even if there was an issue or two

You get what you ask for goes both ways !!!!! ask for what you deserve and you may get it, cry, wine, yell, curse and you might that in return instead !!! you should not but even reps are people it is a shame that reviewers forget that :(

It is clear by reading review ALL over the web they are A++

But if you like haters and childish reviews, read the ones here.

thee is now about 90+ for their life time, that alone is extremely well

I feel compelled to write my positive here too.

Maybe someone needs to read this too.


Product or Service Mentioned: Omega Watches Seamaster Watch.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Jomashop Pros: Price.

Location: New York, New York

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Lying about delivery date and showing in stock is fraud. There is nothing childish about reporting it.


You need to learn more about the word fraud and how to use it ... i know the site and how they offer their item, I also know a lot about watches and why they are hard to find sometimes and this is why i do not get confused a you might have

we know many other websites , I have bought on a few others too, all sites have their issues, fraud is not common and close to none existent on sites as big as Joma's ...

your just frustrated and need to vent , i hope you got the attention you were looking for, i would hug you , looks like you need it LOL

The fact you look for a site like this one to post prove the type of person you are, just saying :)


It's lame when operators of companies post as reviewers, or for whatever other reason someone might insist that people with valid and sometimes serious complaints about companies are called "childish."


Sounds like you work for these guys!


LOL , i am starting to believe it too :)

i get notified when someone leaves a note

but really do HATE how people make it impossible to read reviews nowadays !!


Some people live to hate and maybe hate to live as they have a hard time believing there are good people who will defend a company being wrongfully trashed , it is real , read forums you will see I am not the only one LOLOL

I might be the only one who does it here , the name of the site implies "come here all haters of the world" LOL

Novice watch buyers come here to wine and cry about things they do not even understand , it is sad and pitiful


This was a paid announcement brought to you by Jomashop


where is my payment !!!! i was robed

Your hatred blinds you

You hide behind "Anonymous" means you are a coward too

try growing up and facing the truth once

There are good people like me who do not like haters like you !!!


Just so people know, Leiv seems to find it fun to go to other people who have made legitimate complaints, just to troll them and act like a ***, when he/she knows nothing about what happens to other people. Do yourself a favor and *** off with your BS and trolling. This person must work for JomaShop.


Yes i had to research what "troll" means , i retired so some of these new terms are new to me. I thank you for that, this gives me thing to do.


Well I am a PROUD troll who just happened to come across this 'hate loving' reviewing platform about a year ago, once in a while i place an order with Jomashop and remember to review here when they send their follow ups and review raffles for some other sites.

I read the silly negatives and respond to them, not all, but indeed the colorful ones, those that make the reviewer like you, just look foolish and silly

If you cannot handle the public response DO NOT post a public review, that is just logical.

Your response to me enhances the lack of character, ignorance of the policies and now ignorance to what social media is about.

If RUDE **** is the best you can defend your review with it prove you're in the wrong, otherwise you would show me a fact or how they went against their policy and ten maybe call me foolish for not noticing, hmmm you did not! Obviously, I do not know the story nor did you write all about it i believe and it is foolish for you to believe i should have assumed anything but WHAT YOU WROTE alone !!! The bottom line without emotions attached; If your credit card tried to help but could not it is because the company did not do anything wrong! lying or altering YOUR story if by them or you, is not part of how legal issues work and a credit card charge back is nothing less than a legal issue and credit card companies cannot overturn a transaction that did not brake any law or policy!!

you cannot argue or place reviews that will deny this. But you can feel bad about it! About the BBB, they have no power they are just a reviewing site like any other and this one too, look them up and you will see they have been indicted themselves.

I wish you all the best and feel sorry for you as this new review world may be over my old timers head but you surely have less of a grasp of how it works and how it should be used. Leiv Show less

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