This was the email I had to write the "manager - Roee" on 5/5/2016 as well as today 5/6/16. I attached "online chat transcripts as well as snaps of my calls to JOMASHOP" as proof of the rude communication.


Date: Wed, May 4, 2016 at 3:55 PM

Subject: re: very disappointed with customer service

To: XXXXX"@" jomashop.com (REMOVED due to privacy)

Dear Roee,

I purchased $1450.98 worth of watches from your JOMASHOP regarding my Order # MXXXXXX (removed number due to privacy).

I called on May 3, 2016 at 10: 31 AM and worked with your customer service person (Christopher) and requested he make on swap Item# MV3600215 with item No. 3600322

I received very poor customer service from Christopher. He put me on hold at least 4 times and in total, I spent an hour on the phone with him. He didn't seem focused on my request and sounded like he was not paying attention. I was very much disappointed with his behavior to the point where I requested him to send me to another customer service rep or to forward me to his manager or the owner. He assured that he was paying attention and then later put me on hold again.

When I gave him my work address to have UPS send my items to, he was ridiculous enough to just take down the name of my work and building number and then rushed and wanted to hang up. I got very upset with him and asked him how he was suppose to know where to send me my items if I had not even given him my address. Then I gave him my address. He didn't even seem like he was paying attention.

I was very uncomfortable about this phone communication with Christopher. Therefore, I made contact with an "online" customer rep by the name of Zalman. I was told then that the swap of the items have been made and that I would receive a confirmation on my updated request within 2-3 hours. Well, today is the next day already.

So, while I am emailing you this email... I am online with another customer rep named "Izhak". He apparently has the same kind of behavior such as of Christopher. I also called from my cell phone at 3:05 PM and was on hold for a VERY long time. "Izhak" ignored me online for LONG periods of time. I will provide you with the transcription of the chat as well. He no longer responded to my requests after giving me minimal responses that did not answer my questions. I became even more frustrated.

While having my phone on speaker, I move from customer number 13 down to the first customer. Lord and behold, who do you think answered? The same rude customer rep "Izhak". He spoke to me asking me for my information. I said, "look you are the same Izhak who ignored me online. I was the one who just spoke to you." He requested for my information. I told him he has my information and all I needed to know was that if my request was completed or not. He told me to provide him with a name that went with the order and this was why he could not help me "online". I responded and said that he did not ask for my name and clearly... only asked for my purchase Item number. Then he told me that the reason my "swap" had not been done was that he needed my name online and I did not provide it. (Just so you know, if you will see on the top of the transactions... my name is listed). Either way, he said that was the reason why he could not make any changes. I told him that I didn't care about the "approval" but more so on the swapping of the watches. He got upset and got hostile with me then hung up on me.

Now I am on hold AGAIN and not to sound sarcastic but guess who answers? The original rep who never paid attention to my order in the first place (Christopher). Now, Christopher just put me on hold after I explained to him that I had been told my request to swap my watch had not taken place. Chris returns to me and then tells me to give him my phone number. I provide it for him and then ask him for closure as to what is going on. He responds, "I'm not sure why it has not been processed.

SERIOUSLY? Roee, I'm sure you're a great and successful business man. Are these the kind of reps you want representing your company? I am beyond disappointed, beyond upset, and I'm ready to cancel my order.

I hope you realize how frustrated I am at this point.

I would appreciate clarification and a call from you please. I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I am very fed up with your reps. They have poor manners and I believe this has or will hurt your clients.

Very disappointed and frustrated,

Pa XXXXXXXXX (last name removed due to privacy)


2nd email communication to manager - Roeee this morning


Date: Fri, May 6, 2016 at 9:40 AM

Subject: re: Poor customer service

To: XXXXX"@" jomashop.com (REMOVED due to privacy)

Dear Roee,

I called Jomashop at 9:06 AM and spoke to the same person (Izhak) I believe that hung up on me yesterday. He already had become hostile with me not allowing me to state my situation. After giving him my Order # M12T3016 your customer rep began to tell me that my "order had been cancelled" because they could not "varify the account as the same person ordering it". I asked how this could be when I wasted hours of my time calling and trying to figure out what was going on with my order. I told him that "I was hung on yesterday". I would not be surprised if this is the same customer rep that caused my order to be cancelled. I told him that his information is inaccurate and that I was hung up on. Your customer rep continued to be rude and told me no matter what I wanted, my order was cancelled. I told him I didn't cancel it. He kept telling me it was because they could not verify the person because the "person they spoke with was not the same person that made the order. Then I told him I wanted to talk to "Roee" or their manager. This rep refused to allow me to talk to the manager and kept telling me that I "wanted to push my agenda even when my order has been cancelled". He asked me why I wanted to talk to the manager still. I told him at this point I didn't care about the order and that I could afford the order and pay out of my own account but that I wanted to talk to the manager about Jomashop's poor customer service! He then continued to cut me off telling me that he wasn't going to let me talk to the manager because the order has been cancelled and all that he thinks I'm going to talk to the manager is about my order and that he knows I am just going to "push my agenda" and doesn't see why I should talk to the manager because there is no order left. I told him I no longer cared about the order and that I have already emailed the manager yesterday with the online transcripts of what happened as well as explained how I was treated. Therefore, I wanted to speak to the manager about the poor customer service. Then he put me on hold and later came back to tell me that "Roee said you should call him in an hour". I told him I will call "Roee in an hour after the rude rep gave me your extension (2875) An hour is from at 10:16 AM Central Chicago time.

I am just disgusted at the behavior of all these customer reps. I have spend hours on the phone and online trying to get my order corrected. I would like to speak to you and if needed, fille a complaint to the owner - if you are not the owner.

Thank you.

Very, Very disappointed.

Pa XXXXXXXXX (last name removed due to privacy)

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: HORRIBLE customer service - my order was CANCELLED WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE!!!.

Preferred solution: re: Provide quality trained customer service and a PROMPT response time!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seemed NO ONE cared and followed up on my order. (See my post!!!).

Jomashop Cons: Customer service was very unprofessional.

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Thanks for this detailed review. I was about to order when I decided to check their reviews and it's all negative about them.

I guess won't like to be in this mess. Thanks again


I've been looking at a watch on this site and after your review, I'm exhausted. Will not order due to the review.

Funny how their names are both biblical; yet, opposing in nature (old vs.



What wrong with you !?!?!?!

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