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With the volume of serious complaints, this outfit would be out of business or under local, state or federal investigation if they were a bricks and mortar store at your local mall or strip center. A lot of people claim they are being defrauded by this company.

If anyone has taken action against them beyond venting here or elsewhere on the Internet, you'd be doing a great service to people who feel they've been defrauded by tell how you went about seeking remuneration/justice. If these were restaurant reviews, they'd be closed down by now by the health department or just people voting with their feet. Maybe the prices are so low because they are selling what otherwise would be turned into scrap by high-end, reputable, name brands. Even the best brands produce "seconds" in the manufacturing process.

Is that what these guys are selling and you're buying without full disclosure? If so, that's deceptive trade practices, and if their mailing your purchase across state lines, that's a federal offense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Movado Museum Sport Watch.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $899.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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YOU ARE DELUSIONAL and seems you are oblivious to what - seems like you got carried away with your own ignorance LOLOL

Most buyers are smarter than you seem to be (as far as you wrote here) and know that people like you shout louder but still are 1% at best and they look at other reviewing platform as well and see the big picture and not just what an ignorant, angry and vindictive person says here or there.

My advice STOP using the internet altogether, it is not for you.

Sad part is I was about to write why i was upset about my purchase, my issue was not all that bad and they are still trying to help but their policies do not allow them much room, but thanks to you I WOKE UP and just take my "anger" out here

LOLOL feels much better now and thank you for making me realize i was about to overreact !!! i need your review as a wakeup call and thank you for restating my faith in jomashop

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