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Jomashop offers only good prices. Expect ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in terms of customer service.

They can just not ship out ur watches and tell you after a 3 week wait that they cannot fulfill your order, or just misplace your package and take 2 months to resolve the issue (saying we will investigate it with UPS) and then another 2 months to give your refund...

I'm like you do your thing with UPS, you can clearly tell the package is lost, just refund me my money! Imagine, i call them from out of the USA so my phone bill equaled my order value.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fossil Watch.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Dubai, Dubai

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They should fire everyone who works on jomashop there pathetic and dont do there job right! Is there fault there losing so many costumers!

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