Bought a bulova watch for my brother on Christmas of 2015, it's September 2016 hasn't even been a year and the reset button fell off, not due to damage just fell off. Find it hard to believe that being a brand name watch parts would just fall off within this amount of time.

Called the costumer service, took forever to get through, once I talked to the person he basically told me that only the watch mechanism is covered, so anything else you are out of luck.

If I would've known that basically they are selling either damage or knock of watches would've never made the purchase. Stay away from Jomashop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulova Watch.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Chandler, Arizona

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Inez P

Thank you for sharing your experience. Your input was very helpful.Please DISREGARD the embarrassingly crude comments to your post.What a consistently disgusting and transparent display, most likely by employees of Jomashop.

Their elementary writing style is unmistakable.Surely they are employees of Jomashop. They consistently bash persons posting legitimate complaints against Jomashop.

Their behavior borders on the criminal. This REALLY needs to be stopped.


Seriously ?!?!? you want us to believe it just fell apart !!!

even a cheap knockoff does not just fall apart without it geting bangd around !!

try a different approach to life, YES IT MAY BE YOUR FAULT and not the everything but you.

Take care of our watch and it will last, bump it around and it will fall apart NO MATTER who made it Omega, IWC, Rolex or any other brand you may think of, THEY ALL will brake if you do not take care of them !!!


Cry wolf !!! You might fool the novice watch owner and the clueless but not those who know a thing or 2 about watches, you should STAY AWAY of forums and reviewing platforms if you do not provide PROOF of what you say, to say fake and to not prove it make you look silly and childish.

My advise, STOP banging your watch around it will not break, like we should believe it "just fell off" LOLOL even a cheap knock off does not just fall apart LOLOL

Cry wolf !!!

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