I purchased an $1,800.00 Baume and Mercier watch (msrp 3,990.00) from Jomashop on April 5th of this year. The watch never ran correctly from day one.

I kept it in a watch winder, and every time I would take it out to wear (all of 3 times) the time was off by days (it was a date chronometer) and when you tried to use the chronograph it stopped the watch, just did not work properly. Now this is not a timex, it is a superior quality watch, which I paid a good amount of money for. First of all, Jomashop says they will honor every price on line and beat it. This watch was selling for about 400 cheaper on Amazon and Jomashop would not honor the price.

I should have stopped there, and purchased from Amazon a company that never gives me problems on returns. I sent this watch back to Jomashop less than a month later, and they email me and tell me it has to be repaired and I may not see this watch for 6 to 8 weeks. WHAT? That watch is not even a month old!

Maybe the darn thing is a fake? I never heard of such a thing. I then tell the guy that I am a watch collector and that the watch is defective. The *** then tells me that if that is the case they will replace the whole movement.

Who wants a 4,000.00 watch with a replaced movement in it that is not even one month old! Thank God I purchased this watch using my American Express Gold Card. I now have a claim on it and they are working on getting my money back. Jomashop has always sold me great authentic watches, and seemingly went out of their way to please me, but this is rediculous.

I am now shaking in my boots that one of the other watches I purchased from them may break! If they do? I will just take to my jeweler and pay for it.

You see, Jomashop warranties the watches they sell, not the manufacturerer, which tells me they are not authorized dealers. BAD NEWS< STAY AWAY FROM JOMASHOP.COM!

Location: Willingboro, New Jersey

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Big time spender with his "GOLD" card, buys expensive watch at 50% off at a sketchy vendor. Hmm, what could go wrong?



My Best Half ordered a Seiko for me for Christmas. When I unwrap it, the bezel is stuck in the 5 o'clock position. We've tried calling, e-mailing and chatting (on their website). All with no answer.

Finally today, they answered. The person on the other end treated my Best Half rather rudely. They said they would e-mail an RMA to exchange or refund the watch. As of yet, no e-mail!

Yes they are gray marketers, but they say they have a two year warranty on what they sell.

If they can't even check a Seiko to see if it works before it ships, then who in their right mind would spend thousands on a Rolex that probably won't work? All I can say is order from some other business.


Joma shop placed ads on this page. Classic


Dont know if you are a moron but the ads are done by Google and it advertised for thing interested in like a watch lol


I would say that the luxurious watches sold by Jomashop are usually good in condition, but the cheap watches are always problematic. Yet, this is not Jomashop's problem, but the cheap brands' problems.

Pal, as Jomashop sells luxurious watches at a much lower price, there is a risk that a few of these watches may not work well. It's pity that your watch is one of the few problematic watches.

However, Jomashop has already told everyone that there's no manufacturer warranty. It is "ridiculous" that you want for a much lower price watch, but don't want to take any risk.


Stay away from them, they are liars, crooks and go back on their word. I bought a movado that did not work, they told me to change the battery I did and now they are telling me that the watch was in use my me so they have no guarantee, do yourself a favor go somewhere else.


Cheap watches are always problematic even if you buy from local shops. Online purchase is a challenge to both sellers and buyers.

If a buyer says the watch is not working, the seller would think that may be because the buyer doesn't use the watch properly. So, this is a grey market with untrustable communication between the two parties.


Just got Mako Pro Diver Automatic Men's Watch 8926 from Jomashop. In the model details it's said "Unidirectional stainless steel bezel with black ion-plated top ring", but bezel on my copy doesn't turns.

Called Jomashop, company's rep told me to turn bezel clockwise "it's the only way it's work". PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE.... Then he put me on hold, then he said that on this model bezel not suppose to turn! WHAT???

On pro Diver watch bezel doesn't turn? I don't know what they are, who and where they made, but on all pro diver watches bezel does turns!!! Otherwise is not a diver watch! There are bunch of reviews youtube for Invicta 8926, and guess what, bezel does turns.

I'm going to return this watch and will buy the same watch, Invicta 8926, at Sam's Club ($105) with rotated bezel. Thanks Jomashop.


jomashop is a scam!

bought a $1,300 bag from the and I received a FAKE bag!


Please don't lie. I don't believe that they sell fake products. If yes, they can't survive.


then what did you do? They avoid to refund people because of their bugs,,, I have bought a watch and since receiving its not working!!!

no customer support and after 2 months they said " the parts are not in"...

such a ridiculous answer after 2 month!!! they are crook


Unfortunately, that is the risk of the "gray market". They are not authorized dealers.

They make no claim to be authorized dealers, that is why they give you "their" warranty. That is also why many of the prices are 50% off! I purchase a Jeager LeCoultre Master compressor from another gray market dealer and got it at a great price and good customer service. Two years after the warranty expired, I had to have the watch repaired and I elected to send it back to Jaeger through an authorized dealer.

They told me it would take about six months. It took six months and 1 week. If a high end watch has to be repaired by the manufacturer (i.e.

master watchmakers) it can take quite a long time. I've heard Patek's can take a year.


Great information. Thanks.


We are all becoming accustomed to touch screen technology, whether it be when using our home computer or withdrawing money from an ATM. It was only a matter of time before touch screen technology was used in the making of a watch, and it's no surprise that Tissot have been at the forefront with the tissot t touch watch.

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