There are no words explain how poorly managed the Jomashop customer service team is. I have been in customer service for nearly 25 years at some of the most prestigious firms in the US, they have such bad etiquette that the company should see a considerable loss in profit.

My troubles started with a simple purchase where I was sent an incorrect watch. The simple fix would've been to instruct me on how to correct the issue and be provided the correct item instead I was placed on a continuous loop of holds, wasted a total of 4 hours on the phone only to be eventually connected with their closer Roy whose sole job is to dismiss customers and in the most inappropriate condescending manner blame the customer. I am sure this is his full time occupation as he used some of the worse tricks in the customer service trade such as speaking and continuing to interrupt the customer until they hang up, putting them on hold in mid sentence until again they hang up.

He's a real piece of work and it is my hope that the power of review affect this company's bottom line for it is only when customers take a stand that change is forced to happen. If you are reading this then heed my warning steer clear of Jomashop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, this company seriously comes on here and bashes people leaving honest reviews?? Calling them childish?

What a joke this place is. Lost another customer

Inez P

So true, so true. I couldn't have said it better myself.Thanks so much for sharing your post.I have had the same experience. I posted a valid complaint and was attacked in a similar fashion by someone whom I am quite sure is an employee of Jomashop.Absolutely Deplorable!


Guess I won't be making a purchase after all. Thanks for your sincere review.


the review is childish that is one thing , to comment on your own review is silly, that is a bit obvious and foolish , here is a hint and the give away, the word "sincere" a no one writes that after reading a review or trying to agree LOL and B an over dramatic and personal review cannot be seen as sincere in anyway by any person LOL and C you wrote on this odd and crazy website call pissed consumer LOL a place for the insane person to burst out in anger LOLOLOL good try but you did not fool me

This is why i visit this place to get these laughs


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