Horrible customer service and sales staff, I was inquiring about Rolex Daytona, they didn't have any factory model number at the end on the description but had their internal number... I basically got insulted and told I'm *** and not LISTENING to her because there are 2 dial colors and that's why they put a internal number..

my question was why wouldn't they put a actaul factory model number so there are no confusion when consumer buys $15k watch... and I told her I didn't appreciate her tone.. she hung up on me :) and I called 3 times after and she hung up 3 times after.

Can't believe you guys are paying her for the jobs she does..

obviously she hates her job..

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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Inez P

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Your post was very helpful.Please DISREGARD the embarrassingly crude comment.Surely they are employees of Jomashop.

They consistently bash persons posting legitimate complaints against Jomashop.

Their behavior borders on the criminal. This REALLY needs to be stopped.


HMMM let's see

what is the name of this revieing platform

what do you say and how you sayy it

I wonder waht was **** hiidng!

Looks like who ever you spoke with was right to hang up on you !!

A company should not, that's true but the way you write and where you write makes me believe THERE IS A LIMIT to what a rep can take !!!


Agreed !!!!!

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