I purchased a Tonino Lamborghini 3106 watch from Joma for $950.00. Admittedly, not the most expensive watch I've ever bought, but this watch has a spectacular look and Joma's price was well below any other watch outlet.

First time buying from Joma. Should have gone with a reputable dealer. Two days after receiving the watch, the Chronograph function did not work properly. I tried to reset it (watch came with no owner's manual) but was unsuccessful.

Two days after that, I looked at my watch for the time, and the crown was gone. It had simply fallen off and could not be found (neat trick for a screw-in crown). Joma claims crowns are not covered because I was the one who damaged the watch and they did NOTHING for me whatsoever! So I have a week old watch that is literally falling apart and Joma's position is TLC (Tough Luck Customer).

I am now dealing with the manufacturer directly (in Italy) hoping that they cover the watches that they manufacture better than Joma covers what they sell. I own about 50 watches. Have dealt with dozens of merchants for over 25 years.

Jomashop is permanently off my list. I'll spend the extra money to work with a reputable company

Product or Service Mentioned: Tonino Lamborghini Watch.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $950.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Jomashop Pros: I liked the fact that they delivered the product quickly.

Jomashop Cons: Claim 100 percent satisfaction then renig when problem occurs.

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I bought a Rolex for 3.3K,!! it has not been working since I received after 3 weeks of purchase!

customer service acting like I owe the big time!!. this company should answer to customers!!!


I'm appalled by this. I've dealt with Jomashops several times in the past,and i guess i was very fortunate to have not had any issues.

If they won't take care of a watch enthusiast purchasing a $1000 timepiece, i won't ever take a chance again purchasing a higher value timepiece from jomashops as i grow my watch collection, currently valued at over $50,000. Thoroughly disappointed

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