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They are fake watches at least in my case when i ordered a frederique constant with diamonds as it was advertised with diamonds and descripion mentioned diamonds when the watch arrived there was no diamonds on it. Additionally since it was delivered by ups i got charged vat on the watch even before receiving it - i sent back the watch and they told me u either send if back withing 1 day or we wont pay you back.

The worst thing they did is that they sent me the printed return labels and they claimed value was 1 usd - for a watch that supposedly had diamonds - therefore i never recovered 400 paid for vat and never will they claim the watch i received had a different value which means that the watch i returned cannot be tge same.

I was forced to return with fake lables of small value or i would not have received the large amount of money i paid for the watch itself. Fraud is what i call them

Product or Service Mentioned: Frederique Constant Heart Beat Watch.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City Of

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If anything your review is FAKE LOLOL

YOUR BS Review makes no sense and if they made a lbl with a value on a return that was wrong that has nothing to do with VAT in your country but will cause THEM to pay what the US customer believes it's value is !!

the product itself was without the diamonds you bought and that is not good but not FAKE either !!!


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