So I get a great price on a watch. It would not run on arrival.

Repeated calls and emails failed. Finally I take it into my own watchmaker and he tells me that the battery is good but the terminal is corroded somewhat, most likely from a previous battery. This is supposed to be a NIB item. He tells me that they can sell so cheap because it is most likely old self stock or returned problem stock.

He cleaned off the contacts and now the watch is running fine. I still have not received a reply from any of my many emails, and calling is a joke. I have been on hold for hours totally added up. I initially stated that I wanted to return the Tissot PR 100 COSC watch in a Jomashop site email outline for returning items.

No response! I was told by a recorded voice that there was one person in the cue. Waited 1/2 hour and at closing another recorded voice says that they are unable to help me and try email or online chat. The online chat I tried numerous times too btw.

This is most likely the last time I will purchase any items from a steep discount house. Jomashop should be shut down for fraud and in the least just for being underhanded in their business model. If I ever get back to NY I will make it a priority to stop by and voice my opinion in person, respectively of course. So I am happy with the watch but not with Jomashop, I cannot recommended dealing with them at any amount of savings.

I did get a $550 watch for $330. Just not worth the frustration and the fact that in the end I feel like I was a victim of fraudulent practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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