I have just found out that the reviews about customer service here is nothing but absolute truth. No company's customer service would yell at their customers like this one would. Super rude. I order four Michael Kors watches from them a few days ago. I knew I would be home so I tried to have it shipped to nearest access point like I would do with many other retailers. However, they restricted that option. When I asked why they did that, their manager response was that someone could steal my identity and change the address. My first thought was WTF. It's UPS. Their cyber security is probably way more secure than Jomashop. They said they buy insurance for their orders. So why bother restricting this option? I was told that I will be charged for the shipping fee from their warehouse to my house. So my refund will not be in full amount. I spoke to customer service representative first, but he was being bery rude to me. So I asked to speak to his manager with the expectation that he would be nicer and address my concern. Guess what! He was even more ridiculously rude than his subordinates. He kept yelling at me and telling me that it's my fault and they wouldn't refund that shipping cost. he did not listen to what I had to say and kept yelling. Management sets the culture for the company and this is the culture of theirs and how they treat their customers. No customer deserve this kind of treatment.

Reviews about them not responding emails and intentionally delay the cancellation process are all true. I have experienced this some many times. it takes them more than 2 weeks to give your a return approval and don't forget their false advertisement about "FREE" shipping. If you return, they won't refund you the full amount. You will have to pay for the shipping not ways. Their watches don't come with manufacturing warrant. Their own warranty service is to give you the illusion that they do have warranty. Don't be misled by this. My sister's watch was not moving when she received it. So contacted customer service and was told to replace the battery herself. What!!

Bottom line: do not trust anything they advertise. No customer service will help solving your problems. Save yourself headache and shop at other retailers that can offer comparable prices such as Amazon, worldofwatches.com, Ashford.com.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: New York, New York

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