I bought a watch from jomashop and they charged me twice. I thought it was a mistake but when I called them, it appears they knew about it the whole time and did nothing....

Actually, I think it was deliberate because their customer service manager kept telling he has 3 kids!!!

What does that have to do with charging me twice? Please avoid them or patronize them at your own peril....

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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What does him telling you he has kids have to do with theft.

You clearly are just an angry person with nothing real to say.

You should be ashamed for yourself for even bringing that up!!

the guy was probably trying to calm you down or something like that, I bring my children an grand child up in many business convo's on a DAILY basis before i retired !!!!!


LOL the things people write here is down right silly !!

So the guy wanted to tell he has kids so you do not think what you do LOL

You really think if they knew they overcharge you they would give it back and stay in business.

LOL i would follow the foolish review topic of kids and remind you , YOU WROTE LIKE A KID WOULD

A mature adult does not make silly assumptions and stick to the point, looks like you have no real point so write whatever sound to you as good enough for 100 word limit !!


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