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Update by user Apr 21, 2016

I have to say that after speaking with the GM "Hope" they agreed that there was a mistake and apologized. They issued a full refund and paid the shipping.

Hope was a pleasure to deal with and I will continue to do business with Joma. Sometimes you just need to talk to the right person.

Thanks again,Hope

Update by user Apr 02, 2016

There prices and selection is very good. A lot of the great deals are from left over repurchased inventory.

Nothing wrong with this if the product is what is represented. In my case NO!

Original review posted by user Apr 01, 2016

Bought a Porsche Design watch P6612. It was supposed to have a 7750 engine but instead and have a cheaper version of that, a 2800 series.

After calling customer service and explained to them that they are advertising falsely and need to change the description they actually had the gall to charge me shipping on return.

Though their prices are good you have to be very careful on their high-end watches, most of those are discontinued leftover stock that can be four five six years old. Good prices know-it-all customer service.

Jomashop Cons: Customer service, Complete lack of a customer service culture or training.

Location: Kent Narrows, Maryland

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Why did it take them sooooo long to get back with you? 20 days from complaint to remedy?

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