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Update by user May 10, 2016

Please do not buy merchandise from this vendor. It is simply not worth the modest discount. There are plenty of honest providers out there, please chose them to buy your watch.

Original review posted by user May 06, 2016

Hi all. I have to share my Jomashop experience to prevent you making the same mistake I did by ordering through them. I ordered a Tag F1 Tachymeter on Feb 5 2016. The watch arrived in mid April '16, after I chased 6 times. Having arrived, the battery died within 3 weeks. Jomashop ARE NOT APPROVED retailers, and so the manufacturers warranty is invalid, meaning, sadly, you have to deal with Jomashop to get a repair or replacement. I strongly suspect these are not

Jomashop offered to pay $25 for a replacement battery on a $1500 watch, the email correspondence is akin to that written by my five year old and the level of service similar to that of a pissed off McDonalds team member that wanted to do the fries and got toilet duty.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE MUPPETS, unless you like hassle and second rate quality. If you do, fill your boots! These guys will give you plenty to enjoy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Jomashop Pros: Idea, I liked the price.

Jomashop Cons: Reality, There is no customer service, Complete lack of a customer service culture or training, Dishonesty, Lies, Warranty doesnt exist.

Location: London, England

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Better off getting your Tag at Costco for the same price. They will honor their own warranty and sell a lot of the F1 model.

If you are not a member, I suggest joining just to purchase a watch.

Or...purchase from Jomashop on Amazon. They have an A-Z guarantee and will back you should you have issues.

In all fairness, for that watch, the energizer batteries are the best.

They only cost $8, so $25 isn't bad. However, I'm sorry for the frustration.

Makes me and others in my watch club not want to purchase from this business.

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