I bought a Tissot watch from this Jomashop.com And it was not a real watch and i dont know what the warranty is for when u can't use it they hang up on costumer and their customer service don't know nothing about watch. Their supervisor has no clue what you're talking about and when you try to explain they dont want to understand when they understand they act like they don't.

I just want to know how big major watch companies let this company sell their bad product cuz it makes the big company look so bad.

People don't buy any new watch from this Jomashop. And Tissot look what this company doing what your product and i will never buy a watch from Jomashop and never have a Tissot to

Product or Service Mentioned: Tissot Watch.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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I agree with "vam's" comments before me YOU are indeed showing pure anger and no smarts , what happened?!? what did they say that was so untrue ?!?

what did Tissot say about what Jomashop said!!!!!

Ha "vam" said Yoga LOL I say that and therapy !!


I read your review and I understood only TWO things, YOU ARE ANGRY and that you do not like that whoever you spoke with disagreed with you or even maybe thought you did not know what you yourself were talking about!!!

This clearly looks to me like YOU do not know ANYTHING about anything and need to research before you make a fool of yourself.

I even feel like you kept the details to yourself so you do not embarrass yourself even more because clearly if YOU were right you would say what THEY were so wrong about ,,, just saying

I have a Tissot Racer and i can tell you your review is not about Tissot watch surly and that leads me to belove it is not about Jomashop either, bad day at the office maybe.

We read review to learn about the service, you shared alot of anger but no knowledge or information, take a Yoga class and let us know what REALLY happened LOLO :0

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