Shady business!

I recently ordered a watch from them, normally selling for $495 and advertised on their website for $249, and after the transaction had gone through I get an email from them stating the watch is backordered for 6 to 8 weeks! Nowhere on their website does it state they are out of stock on this watch! Technically they had done nothing wrong, but it's a shady practice to advertise an item for sale and then say they are out of stock AFTER the transaction has been made!


Product or Service Mentioned: Victorinox Watch.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Vam...are you an employee/owner of Jomashop? It is very obvious that you read every review and then attempt to discredit the consumer who has been, at best, taken advantage of, or at worst treated poorly.


FYI backordered = was in stock but ran out and is on order !!!

I guess you should not order ANYTHING online anywhere

this happens everywhere and if you are pretending to know about watches you should know better !!! watches are not always in production.

Try better next time , bashing a company is one thing but doing while showing everyone your ignorance is just down right silly LOL


I am wondering too the # they list for csr service is a non working #


You too , I just tried BOTH and they work !!!

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