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After shipping my watch 3 times from overseas they did not fix my watch but they were just sending it back to me!!! Last time that I have sent it to them they stopped replying to my emails and I have never heard from them again. Is there a way I can loge a complain against them? I have all the email correspondence where they were saying they will finally fix the product but they never did. Their terms and conditions stipulate that repair will...
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I'm sure you'll see a lot of positive reviews about this company because of how cheap their watches are. HOWEVER, avoid them at all costs. I purchased a $7500 Hublot watch from Jomashop in February 2016. I sent the watch in for warranty repair a month after receiving it. When I got it back, the watch had extensive damage on it that could only have been caused by a tool of some sort (scratches and chips). The customer service rep (Christopher)...
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I didn't like
  • Complete lack of a customer service culture or training
  • No resolution was offered

Jomashop Watch Repair Review

horrible i bought my tissot 600 dollas wath 2itb them with a 2 year "warranty" and they dod nothing to help me