In August, I bought a new Rolex for my wife and then wanted to exchange it for a larger model. After an exhausting ordeal in trying to contact customer service, I sent the watch back and they placed the order for the new watch and gave me a delivery estimate of 2-4 weeks.

Jomashop kept the $9300 that was paid and said they would hold on to it and use it as a credit against the new watch. After waiting 6 weeks, they still had not shipped the watch. I could not get customer service by phone or email. Then Jomashop closed for religious observance, after which the humans came back but their voice message system was still on sabbatical (not accepting calls).

I called American Express and filed an inquiry thinking that should get their attention. The Jomashop response: to cancel the sale and refund the purchase less a $750.00 restocking fee. I was told at that point that any inquiry results in a canceled sale per company policy, and that if I place another order they would refund the restocking fee. A week later I received an email: “Good news, we have located your watch.

We expect it to ship in 3-4 weeks”. Well, if you’ve “located” the watch why would it take 3-4 weeks to ship? Clearly more lies, smoke & mirrors so that they could report back to American Express that they were shipping the watch, close the dispute inquiry, and start over again. The fact is they just could not deliver the goods.

I followed American Express’ advice and ceased communications with Jomashop. Buyer Beware! If you absolutely must buy from this company, then know what you want, exactly what you want and by no means should you buy a luxury watch over $4000. Jomashop will charge you an 8% restocking fee on any watch over $4000, and God help you if you need customer service!

One would think that a transaction of this large amount should command a little more attention. In my many years of buying from online retailers I’ve never experienced such indifference towards customers. They just don’t care and will lie to you and tell you what you want to hear just to be able to hang up the phone. It is now mid-December and Jomashop still has not responded to American Express’ request for information.

I got my money back this week, but only because American Express took it back.

I will never do business with Jomashop again. I will see to it that everyone I know and care about never does business with Jomashop.

Monetary Loss: $9300.

Location: Opa Locka, Florida

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This review was what I needed to read. I was getting ready to place an order for the Tissot T Lord. Thanks for this review I could have lost almost 1400.00.


You're welcome. That was the only time I've ever written such a comprehensive negative review but the experience was so bad I was hoping to warn others. Regards


We've purchased from them before, only he kept the Rolex he bought, as was happy with it.

This all changed when he purchased me a Rolex for Valentines day. Sadly, it was too large and sent it in for an exchange.

One month later, the watch still hasn't been sent.

We argued with our credit company notify we have returned the item, and now they will not exchange. (They say, were out of stock, our systems down, CS both live chat and phone are off for 3 hours everyday.) I finally reached someone who assured she would process it once her manager approved and I would receive an email. Now day two and no response, and their closed for Religious observance.

(What holiday I cant tell you.)

Literally the most frustrating thing in the entire world.

If you buy from them- know what you want , without any chance of exchanging or returning.

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