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Read completely for this is a true and honest review from someone that had very little good experience with this company. Sorry so long but there is a lot of good honest info contained in this review you should know about before buying.

I can’t stress this more that if you have an issue with this company like I’ve had, see below, you should take the time and report them to the NY BBB and or the NY Attorney General like I did. I am sure if they get enough negative reports they will investigate the company and it's CS practices. Also take the time to read the negative reviews because you will see this is an on going issue with JSs CS. And defiantly do not believe a word that the responding employee/s will write in response to a negative review. I wrote the guy straight out and he completely ignored my email. Just Bad CS!!!

Also to be fair I do not believe JS sells fake items, just some sketchy products and then offer poor CS.

Jomashops' fail #1: Pre-owned Panerai Radiomer Black Seal watch; the display box was damaged and not recorded in the sale listing, strap was wrong from pictures in the listing, bad time keeping out of the box, stem and crown pulling out after five months and after 4-5 months wait, a week of trying to find out what was up with my watch and reporting them to the BBB and AG I was told it would not be fixed and was offered a shop credit.

I believe Jomashop got my watch back and because it was such a nice clean watch they fixed, relisted it and sold it. Because what else would they do with a beautiful $4000.00+ Panerai Luxury watch that just needed the stem replaced, throw it away, no? That service is easy and pretty inexpensive. I know this seeing I am friends with many jewelers and watch repair people. Then they pretty much made me take a store credit.

I felt because of my experience’s customer service is so bad I did not want a credit but decided I would use it. Bad idea I should have filed a law suit against them to get my watch or money back.

After using some of my credit my next headaches started.

Jomashops' fail #2: JS shipped the items to the wrong address. This is about a 70/30 70% JS, 30% me seeing my info given should have been questioned when it was received wrong. The sales rep asked if my shipping address she provided was correct. My response was yes with what I thought was my address, yet my phone auto corrected and I did not notice. In this case the rep should have questioned that but she did not so the very expensive package got shipped wrong. Luckily I was able to have a local police officer meet me at the wrong address and retrieve the package without incident.

In this order I received a $500+ MontBlanc pen with bad ink and no option for JS to replace the ink. Also after a week of looking they could not find one of the items I had decided on. This is known to buyers whom have had a bad CS experience due to the same issue. JS often does not keep watches in their warehouse leaving the buyer not knowing if they will ever receive the watch they thought was available. As well the Charriol watch I picked was not as described and had water/condensation issues during it’s first wear so back it went. That watch has a 10bar/100meter resistance rating so this makes Zero sense seeing it was never submerged into water. See next fail for CS out come for this issue.

Jomashops' fail #4: Charriol watch; watch had water/condensation under crystal after one wear in 4 days and never submerged. After two weeks in JS possession I was told the watch would not be warrantied due to damage to the case, of which was from tools and most positively happened in the two weeks they had it. I found out nothing was done to the watch until the day before I was called and told it was damaged and would not be warrantied. I have pictures of the damage and one of the tests that clearly shows the date it was tested. Never mind they only tested the watch at 3bar/30m, which is only a third of what the watch is rated. sketchy people. Why did they not test it to it’s proper resistance pressure? Because they are horrible, sketchy people to deal with and a bunch of hacks.

After three weeks they sent the same watch back to me and that was that. Never mind ignoring my emails asking why they were sending a watch back that clearly was not tested correctly and had issues.

Over view; JS has good deals, that is if you get a good product and do not have to deal with JS CS. I am not the first and or will be the last that will encounter that which is too bad. It’s easy for a company to brag millions of happy customers when the customers Never have to deal with the human element at the business. It’s the after sale experience that matters for good CS. I have dealt with many companies CS’s and never have I had such a bad experience like this.

Here are some awesome examples of proper and good CS. I own a motorcycle and when the after market exhaust failed, 5 years after the purchase, the company replaced a $500.00+ exhaust system free with no questions asked, proper CS. As well recently my trimmer blade failed and again it was replaced no questions asked. These are only two examples I have had with great and proper CS. Good companies will honor the customer way before themselves. As well good CS is taking care of the customer after a purchase. Well JS does not care about the after purchase CS and cares only about themselves and getting rid of their questionable product.

All in all if you choose to buy with JS keep your fingers crossed you never have to deal with the people that work for them, they are not on your side and could care less.


Product or Service Mentioned: Panerai Radiomir Watch.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1695.

Preferred solution: Take the failed watch and send what I and Faith agreed on.

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