I received my new Breiting Super Ocean for an excellent price but when I opened the box I found that it had no manuals and no COA nor warrantee card.

Ok I accept no Warrantee Card from Breitling because they are not an authorized dealer but absolutely NO paperwork at all? ridiculous!

So I call customer service, which really is not staffed by anyone interested at all in providing any service what so ever. Was told by a supervisor "if you want to know if it's authentic then take it to a Breitling dealer and pay $150 for the service"


So I can never resell this watch since it comes with no papers.

Their website doesn't tell you this and they do not tell you that you get nothing with the new watch except a box.

This is categorically a rip off and extremely shady business.

The first rep was really disinterested and the Supervisor was a complete and utter A*hole talking to me like I was his underling dog.


Reason of review: NO COA from Breitling with the watch! Ridiculous!.

Preferred solution: I want my user manuals and COA. Period. It needs to come with ever Breitling whether you're a dealer or not!.

Jomashop Pros: I liked the price.

Jomashop Cons: No certificate of authenticity, Cs supervisor was a complete ahole, Offered no resolution, Offered no explanation why my breitling has no coa.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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