Purchased two Automatic Porsche watches, one for my son and one for myself. We had both watches sized at the most reputable Jeweler in our city.

The second time I went to use the watch it would not function and the crown would not work properly. This was within their 30 day warranty period. I sent both watches back for return and the manager stated there is no warranty due to the fact that we had the watches sized and they were worn? Good prices.

No warranty! We wore it,go figure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Porsche Design Watch.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

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Didn't you already write a silly review ?!?

Read policies and never expect more than you deserve !!!

you leave yourself no room for satisfaction that way.

You even said you altered the watch "We had both watches sized" I do not know of any online jeweler that will take that item back !!! and you do not know any either !!!

We all buy a lot of things but i have NEVER asked to return something i altered myself, NEVER!!

to ask is OK but to demand is wrong, unethical and and to review when denied rightfully is disrespectful and childish.

I agree with the comments before me, you are clearly confused , i feel more about right and wrong than the difference between a warranty and service altogether any reader can easily tell you are looking for a return and not a repair.


LOL You are CLEARLY confusing WARRANTY with RETURNS !!

Not many Jewelers will take bake altered jewelry !!!! why would or should they !!

WARRANTY should never be voided, ask that manager again if the warranty or the return or better yet read the policies before you alter your items and ask to return them !!!

it does not matter how many time you write this same review, you still are confused between returns and warranties

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