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Update by user Oct 24, 2017

Well, in the end, it worked out just fine. Surprised me in fact.

I received an email about a week ago saying my watch had been repaired and was being sent to Jomashop's shipping department. Within 5 days my watch arrived. It had obviously been sent to Omega for repair. All the packing said Omega and the card with all notations, test results, etc.

we're from the Omega service center. The watch even arrived in a nice red leather Omega case. In the end, Jomashop could have kept me happy all this time with just a few emails explaining the process and answering my concerns.

Since that time I've purchased 2 Rolex's from other dealers. Deals they would have had with those few emails.

Original review posted by user Aug 25, 2017

I bought an Omega Speedmaster 57 (nearly $6000) from Jomas in late March '17. In June I swam in the pool with the watch - rated at 100m water resistant.

The next day I noticed was fogged up. I waited a week or two and the condition continued. I contacted Jonashop and told me how to return the watch for service. I did so.

It's now 7 weeks that they've had my watch. I've sent 2 emails asking for a status. No response. I called this morning and spent 20 minutes on hold.

I was told that they didn't know the status and that it could take up to 12 weeks for repair - this in spite of the fact that their site and the acknowledgement I received from their service department both say "Up to Eight Weeks". I was told that I would receive a status response within 24 hours. Time will tell. And, I'm not holding my breath.

I bought the Omega because it's a great looking "retro" watch. (see photo). I just want it back operating properly.

Because of this bad experience, the Rolex I just bought came from Prestigetime.com and their service was spectacular. They managed to get me 2 extra links (something both Jonashop and a Rolex retailer couldn't do in less than 8 weeks) and deliver the watch within 3 days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omega Watches Speedmaster Watch.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Jomashop Cons: Unacceptable professional conduct, Very poor customer service.

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To the comments.

Anonymous: Water resistant to 100 meters is supposed to include swimming in a pool.

And to the Smitty comment, I've had a 5 Rolex's (1 Submariner, 2 GMT, a Datejust and an Explorer II) and never had a problem swimming and diving to 20-30 feet with any them. My $300 Casio nighthawk has endured the pool and ocean for 5 years.

Back in the '90's I had Patek Nautilas swam regularly with it, too.

Not sure where you get your information.


It's now been 14 weeks and even with repeated phone calls and emails, I've had no return calls or emails. No status report whatsoever. It seems that my watch has been stolen by Jomashop. Don't know another word to use.

I'm thinking of a small claims action as I don't know what other recourse I have available. Does anyone have other ideas?


Water resistant and water proof are two very different things.


I can't believe that someone of your financial means and likely education level still believes in the "waterproof" myth.

Nothing on earth is waterproof. Forget claims.

Forget statistics.

Forget reputations.

Water is commonly known in chemistry as "the universal solvent" because it is.

Simply remove your expensive watch prior to full bodily water immersion.

What you're doing is akin to testing s car's brakes by running in front of one.

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