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Here is the story of me, the worst online shopping experience.

On July 9th, I purchased a gift for my husband, when I checked out, I used my phone and paid via Paypal, it was very strange, I swear I typed my house's address, and billing address right, but when I got the confirmation email, I found the shipping address had changed to my billing address of Paypal automatically. I have left that apartment like 7 months ago, no one would help me receive the package.

(I barely use Paypal, so I forgot to change the address). Anyway, Their business locates in NYC, and I am in Vegas, so the time when I put the order, their office was closed, I understand the situation. The website says "if you want to change the address, contact customer service department", so I emailed them right after the order was made. Please note that was July 9th.

In the morning of the next day at 9am Eastern Time, I called the customer service department and told them I would like to change the address, two different guys talked to me and told me that my package had been shipped.

(EXCUSE ME, IT'S ONLY BEEN A FEW HOURS, AND WHY NOBODY CHECKED THE EMAIL?), they were very mean and said the package had left, the address was provided by me, so they couldn't do anything about it. I was a little bit upset, so I decided to wait until the package in transit, and call USPS and find a solution.

Today is July 11th, guess what? The package is still "pre shipment", I also work in e-Commerce industry, I know exactly what that means, it means the USPS never go there and pick up the packages. So my package is still in the warehouse, and even though the customer service agent knows that the package will absolutely get lost if they ship it out, but they prefer do nothing.

I just feel everything is ridiculous, first of all, the system changed my address for some reason, if I knew it, I would use my bank card to pay the gift instead of PayPal. Second, I emailed them less than 5 minutes right after my order made, but no one checked the email, and they blamed me that it was my fault to provide the wrong address.

Third, the package is still in the warehouse after 48 hours, no one cares about it, they lie each time when I email them and say the package has shipped.

They can't do anything about it.

I really don't know what to do, the whole situation is awful. Both me, the team of Jomashop, we all know the package will be lost, and the package is still in their warehouse, but they deny to do anything about it, I have to wait the package is in transit and call USPS, be honest, I have no idea if USPS is willing to help with changing the receiver's address or interrupt the shipment.

Guys, please make sure when you shop on, if your payment method is PayPal, beware of the last step of payment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jomashop Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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